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Welcome to The website or/and the Portal (Website) has been developed by the company “LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A.”, to provide information and services to its visitors/users (Users). Users may access and use the Website for personal, information and non-commercial purposes only. The use of this site means acceptance of the terms of use (Terms). By accepting the Terms, the User declares to be eighteen (18) years old or older. In case the User’s age is lower than eighteen (18), but greater than thirteen (13) years, he has the right to use the Website services solely under the supervision of the parent or of the person with parental authority who accepts the present terms. In all other cases, LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. is not responsible for this use.
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The Intellectual Property Rights of the Website content, including, without any restriction, all files, texts, images, graphics, trademarks (trade-services), related parts and the code contained in it, as well as the Website overview are intellectual and industrial property of LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A., or of companies of the group to which it belongs, unless otherwise specified and protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, community and international law. It is prohibited to reproduce the content of the Website for commercial purposes or/and for non-personal use, modified / copied / leased / transmitted and presented without authorization. Any material of the Website may not be sold or distributed for speculative reasons in any other way.
Other products or services of the Website, bearing marks of third parties, are their intellectual and industrial property for which they assume responsibility. The Website content is available to Users for personal use.

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The Website offers access to websites operated by third parties via appropriate web links (links). These links have been created only for the convenience of the Website’s Users, whereas the designated websites are subject to their own terms. The links placement does not indicate the approval or acceptance of the websites’ content by the Website operator, who is not responsible neither for the content nor the privacy protection practices or the accuracy of the material in the websites. LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. has no control over the websites owned by third parties or their contents, which can be accessed through this website or are available in it, and thus LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. does not support, finance, advise or in any event accept any responsibility for such websites or their contents. If the User decides to use, via the Website links, any third party websites, it is accepted that he does so under his own responsibility.

The management and protection of the Website’s User personal data are governed by these terms and in accordance with the national, European and international law for the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, as applicable every time. In all cases, the Company reserves the right to alter the personal data protection terms, according to the current legal framework.
Consequently, these personal data protection terms are subject to review or update at any given moment and without warning. Users are requested to review the terms regularly for any changes, as the continuous use of the Website will be conceived as acceptance of any modification made to them.
LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. gathers Website’s Users personal data, only when these Users provide them for advertising purposes voluntarily, to promote LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. services. By submitting their data, Users give their unconditional and explicit consent to LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A., as well as to the cooperating companies, and in particular the companies Bouzis Konstantinos “BRIDGE” and CLOUDBIZ LTD in order to document and process their personal data in accordance with the current legislation. Personal data is considered any piece of information that can be used to identify or communicate with a person, as well as other data related to this person. The personal data collected in this context by LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A., are the following: name, telephone number, email.
LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. will not offer for sale or in any event release or make public personal data of Users to third parties, non-related to the company, other than the above-mentioned companies, without the User’s consent, with the exception of the application of such legal duties and obligations and only to the authorities concerned.
LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. may process a single part or all of the data sent by Users for statistical purposes as well as purposes of improving its services – information provided.
The User may contact the Website operator concerned to cross-check the existence of his/her personal record, to make changes thereupon or delete it ( tel. 210-6300001 and 210-6300002 fax: 210-6300004).
LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. may collect identification of the Website’s Users, using technology such as cookies or/and monitoring of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Cookies are small files stored in every User’s hardware, that do not acquire knowledge of any document or file from his/her computer and are used to facilitate User’s access regarding the use of specific services or/and pages of the Website for statistical purposes and in order to define which parts are useful or popular.
Two types of cookies are used in this Website: (a) “session” cookies – these are temporary cookies that remain at the cookies file of the saw browser for as long as the User is connected to the Website and (b) “persistent” cookies – these remain in the cookies file of the User’s browser for much longer (though how long will depend on the lifetime of the specific cookie). Session cookies are used to improve User’s navigation around the Website and to collect aggregate statistical information. This aggregate statistical information is used for LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. internal purposes only and will not be provided to third parties.
Persistent cookies are used on the Website to store information on the User’s computer for a number of purposes. These include retrieving certain information that the User has previously provided (e.g. password details), helping to determine which areas of the Website the Users find most valuable and customizing the Website based on the User’s preferences. These data may also include the type of browser (browser), type of computer, operating system, internet service providers and other such information. Furthermore, the information system of the Website automatically collects information about the sites visited by the User and on the links to third party websites which may be chosen by using the Website.
The User of the Website can set the program for surfing the Internet (web browser) in such a way as to be warned about the use of cookies on specific services or not to allow the use of cookies in any case. If the User of the specific services and pages does not want the use of cookies for his/her identification, it is not possible to have further access to these services. The Website contains links (links) that lead to websites owned by third parties (natural or legal persons).
Under no circumstances, LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. is not liable for the terms of use and protection of personal data implemented by third parties.
An IP address is assigned to each User’s computer each time he/she accesses the Internet. This enables the computer to send and receive data. Generally, every time the User connects to the Internet, his/her IP address changes. However, in some circumstances (i.e. with some broadband connections) the User’s IP address is fixed. A fixed IP address can be associated with the User’s particular computer and may, therefore, lead to his/her personal information. Web log information is non-personal information that is collected by the computer that hosts the Website each time a User visits it. Examples of the type of information that can be collected using the IP address and/or web log information include details of the date and time that the User visited the Site and the type of browser and computer operating system used. LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A., or its authorized agents, use the User’s IP address and/or web log information to collect and report aggregate information on how the Website is being used and ways in which the Website can be improved.
The Website contains links (links) that lead to websites which operate under the responsibility of third parties (natural or legal persons). Under no circumstances, LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. is not liable for the terms of use and protection of personal data implemented by third parties.

The Website content is provided “as is”, and LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. does not provide any explicit or implicit guarantee in relation to the competence, accuracy, timeliness, commercialism, non-violation or suitability of this content for any use, application or purpose.
LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A., under no circumstances, including the event of negligence, has any liability for any damage caused to the User of pages, services, choices and content of the Website, visited on its own initiative and having knowledge of the present Terms. LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. does not guarantee that pages, services, choices and content will be carried out without interruption, without errors, that errors shall be corrected or that answers shall be provided to all the questions raised. Likewise, LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. does not guarantee that the Website or any other associate website or the servers ("servers"), through which the content is made available to Users, are provided without “viruses” or other detrimental elements. The User and certainly not the Company shall bear the cost of any corrections or services.
By transmitting or uploading any content to the Website (Content), the User grants to LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. a perpetual, unlimited, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide license to: use, reproduce, adapt, display, perform, modify, transmit, translate, distribute, and create derivative works of the Content; to create, offer to sell, sell, lease, or otherwise distribute the Content; and to practice any method, embodying the Content (including the right to sublicense any of the aforementioned). The User further represents and warrants to LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. that he/she has the right, title and/or authority to grant such license to LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. may elect not to publish the Content that the User sends or uploads. If LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. elects to publish the Content, LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. may in its sole discretion elect to withdraw the published information for any reason and without notice.
LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. may use the information collected and/or received for the protection of any illegal activities or of the activities of those who threaten its network or the Website’s provision.

The hyperlink creation to the Website’s pages is permissible, provided it does not mislead the general public or causes damage to LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A.’s image or and to companies in the group to which it belongs and provided it does not present the Website Content as part of another website (i.e. technical methods such as framing). Authorization of LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. logos is denied, as they are published to the Website, for the creation of hyperlink to the present Website without the LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A.’s explicit and written license.

The Website may contain LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A.’s or third parties’ advertisements, as well as other material of advertising content, purpose and nature. In the case of third parties’ advertisements, LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. does not control the content of such advertisements, and, therefore, is not liable to users for the advertisements’ content in relation to any unlawful acts or omissions, inaccuracies or failure of compliance with laws and regulations of any country or of the European Union in relation to the content of these advertisements. Responsibility lies solely in the advertisers, sponsors or/and holders of the promoted advertising material.

The Terms and conditions of the Website, as well as any amendment or change are governed by the national and international law and the relevant international treaties. If any provision of the Terms is contrary to the above legal framework or has expired, it is automatically terminated and removed from the Terms, without, in any case, prejudice to the other Terms. The Terms constitute the overall agreement between LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE S.A. and the User of the pages and services and is binding only on them. No amendment of the Terms will be taken into account nor will be part of this agreement, if it has not been declared in writing and incorporated in the agreement.
With the present Terms, it is explicitly agreed that any dispute arising from the application of the Terms and from the overall use of the Website from the User, is governed by the Greek law and, if not resolved in a friendly manner, shall be resolved in the Courts of Law of Athens, as it lies within their jurisdiction.

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