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Food & Drink


At Ancho, Mexican street vibes meet the Californian coolness of burrito bars in a fast casual food spot with its special concept based on the absolute taste freedom, unique flavors and aromas & of course unique fiesta atmosphere.

The ultimate Do It Yourself experience awaits the visitor at the Mall Athens, through a simple menu, loyal to the street character of Ancho but also the authentic Mexican cuisine which is also its ultimate source of inspiration. First, you choose the base you want from various options such as nachos, chivichangas and burrito bowls and of course the favourite trio of Tex-Mex cuisine - tacos, burritos and quesadillas!

Then, you choose your filling according to your mood and preferences. You will find barbacoa beef, pork carnitas, chicken asada & tinga, slow-cooked for hours. There is a wide variety of extras and salsas, made with Mexican peppers such as jalapeno, serrano, habanero and chipotle, from mildly intense ranchera to ghost pepper sauce - a choice for the very "adventurous" who love truly spicy flavors.

On the Sides you can find crispy tortilla chips inspired by the bustling streets of Mexico and their cultural blend. The menu also includes Signature dishes such as Beef chivichangas with chili con carne, rice, beans and pico de gallo, Cali burrito with whole wheat tortilla, grilled chicken and mesclun & Nacho bowl with cheddar cheese sauce, guacamole & jalapenos.

Frozen margaritas and Mexican beers - among others - perfectly accompany the food, while for a sweet finale, delicious handmade churros await you, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon ready to be dipped in slightly spicy Mayan chocolate and dulce de leche.

All, without exception, the ingredients are fresh, and there are no freezers or microwaves here. Everything is made in the kitchen daily, like the fresh guacamole made from ripe, full-flavored avocados, refreshed every 2 to 3 hours, and the mouth-watering nachos that are cut by hand daily.

The ultimate Ancho Mexperience is spread throughout the city, in places where unpretentious decoration, friendly service and casual vibes prevail.

You just have to discover it!

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