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Patisseries & Ice-Creams, Food & Drink


"Jerry's The Sweet Foodtruck", the sweetest and most lovable food truck in Greece, is parked since May 2022, the 19th store of the company, inside "The Mall Athens”. The need to offer our sweet creations to the Mall's visitors, turned our vision into action, and our sweet food truck alongside our even sweeter smiles from our team, are always ready to serve our youngest and older friends, as we are preparing in front of their eyes, the sweetest and most imaginative treats based on donuts modern and traditional sweet bread dough. Inside an impressive large area at the third floor of the building, where other important food stores lay, Jerry's found it's unique place, ready to sweeten and fulfill even the most demanding uraniscus, through the great variety it's catalogue offers. Donuts and sweet breads take the lead, accompanied with special variation and flavors combination which are going to bring you soon back at our store, so that you can try our next special suggestion. Our ice cream presence, couldn't miss, as it uniquely goes with the rest of our products, which are brought out even more when paired.

A stop for coolness, a break from shopping, a sweet choice before or after a movie or a delightful treat after a meal, have as same destination the Jerry's store, which maintains the quality of its products such as the quality of their service, based on the love they stand for.

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