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CAPRISA is the business phenomenon of modern and high quality products in extremely competitive prices. Founded in 2001, Carpisa is the trademark of Kuvera s.p.a.
Within a very brief period, Carpisa turned into a business phenomenon offering modern and high quality products in extremely competitive prices. A small turtle features in the logo of Carpisa, which has a 500 store network in Italy and 35 worldwide (Switzerland, Malta, United Kingdom, Serbia, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, Poland, Bosnia and Spain).

Carpisa fashion world includes several products categories: Four seasonal collections of handbags, suitcases and leather accessories for men and women, as well as briefcases and fashion accessories.
The constant research on design and the fashion trends make Carpisa products unique in this market segment.
Carpisa rich and diverse collections are based on Italian design. Their competitive prices make Carpisa products attractive to a wide public of women 20-45 years old, passionate about fashion as well as to men with multiple and various needs.

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