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Sportswear & Equipment


Passion for sport. A leading player at the stadium bleachers all over the world to catwalks and concert halls, for more than 80 years, Adidas leads the way in the world of sport and casual clothing with a major role in sport products development. For Adidas as well as for millions of people around the planet sport means passion, lifestyle and a way of expressing ourselves. Adidas vision is to keep on leading in the sporting goods industry by offering everyone the chance to improve their life! It has been a long time since Adidas is at the cutting edge of the sport technological developments. In close cooperation with athletes and sports teams, Adidas' aim is to understand and study their needs so as to create unique products for the best possible performances. Since 1928, when Adi Dassler the company's founder created the first shoes, Adidas was always driven by the passion for sport.

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