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Patisseries & Ice-Creams, Foodcourt


Welcome to TERKENLIS store at The Mall Athens.
Daily we produce delicious creations ranging from a simple loaf of bread to unique pastries of nouvelle patisserie. The recipe is simple: every day our Terkenli team, with the purest ingredients, the passion for our art and absolute respect for traditional recipes, offer you the quality that has earned loyal clients over 71 years. Our store includes a wide range of Greek and international flavors. In our store you will find our products that have created with traditional recipes, the famous Greek brioche in all their varieties, cakes, pastries, syrups, treats, ice creams, tarts, homemade pies, food and salad menu as well as new innovative ideas offered by our workshops. So, as soon as you shopping or strolling, visit our shop on the third floor of The Mall to taste our unique delicacies, accompanying them with your favorite drink.

Now, the walk in the The Mall shops is more delicious than ever!
TERKENLIS: A name synonymous with wonderful sweet and savory flavors. Stavros Terkenlis, a young teenager refugee from Asia Minor begins to work at the age of 12 years old in one of the most popular and central patisseries of Thessaloniki and after establish in 1948 his own bakery plant on the corner of Tsimiski and Aristotelous. His brioche immediately acquired a fanatical audience and became known throughout the city and further afield.After 40 years, the management of the flagship store is taken over by Pavlos Terkenlis, who develop a store chain including company owned stores, collaborations and concessions and makes the brand 'Terkenlis' well known across Greece but also abroad. Greeks living abroad, take the brand and its products to all corners of the world! Combining the tradition of Thessaloniki with the modern confectionery, we offer in our 20 shops, brioches, syrups, puddings, pastries, pies, ice creams, chocolates, pralines, treats and food and salad menu.

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