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Computers, Multimedia, Communication


GERMANOS Central at The Mall Athens is far more than a suggestion; aiming at offering an excellent customer service in an easily navigable store, it provides a unique shopping experience.
Colours and information signs divide the store in departments per product and service category: "FEEL FREE" for cellphones, "ORGANISE" for fixed telephony and Internet services, "CREATE" for digital cameras, "HAVE FUN" for computer game consoles. Our employee's expertise ensures that the consumer receives comprehensive information to make the best choice. GERMANOS Central places particular emphasis on After Sales Support, taking advantage of the fact that 1 consumer in 2 trusts GERMANOS for their cellphone Service. The customer can watch, in a specially designed unit, this interesting and complex process performed by specialized technical experts.

Company profile:
GERMANOS stores network points out the launch of our business activities in the Greek market. The stores chain success is reflected in our 700 stores that are developing with a great sense of responsibility towards the promotion of the Greek business activities within and outside the country's borders.
With a presence in 4 European countries (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), the company serves a market exceeding 50 million consumers. The network's main goal is to connect everyday people with technology. The nationwide network coverage (400 stores), along with an efficient communication strategy, has offered great awareness to the brand GERMANOS, to telecommunication products and to services sector. Our network's dynamic growth has been reinforced by the operation of the franchising system.

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