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Leisure & Entertainment


A visit to The Village Cinemas at The Mall Athens is a complete and comprehensive entertainment suggestion, with 14 cinema theaters of total capacity of 2754 persons, in Greece’s largest shopping mall. In Village Cinemas you’ll find 2 luxurious GOLD CLASS theaters, 2 Cinema Europa theaters (5 & 6), 1 V-Max theater (7), 3 3D theaters (2, 4 & 8), 7 mainstream and games theaters, as well as the Village Movie Store, all in one tasteful space. Furthermore, in theatres 2 and 8 you can enjoy HFR 3D projections. All theaters are digital, equipped with high-tech Dolby Digital Surround sound systems for a perfect sound experience, impeccable audio clarity and big screens, with the V-Max theater being the biggest movie theater in Europe, with a multiplex screen and total capacity of 830 persons. What’s more, on the third floor of The Mall Athens you can find Village Bowling room, for even more fun!

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