The department stores are closed.
The foodcourt is open 08:00 - 01:00.
The pharmacy is closed.
The parking is open 08:30 - 02:00.
Eurobank: closed / ibank store: closed
The information desk is open 08:30 - 22.00.



Change your mood by changing your old shoes.
Before you use your boots for winter, make them look as good as new.
Repair imperfections and scratches or just give a new style to your stylish footwear. We fix and replace heels, soles and zippers, we stretch, tighten or sew shoes and boots and we change the colour of your shoes. We know everything about leather and we provide you with shoe care material, anatomic and silicon insoles. Our experienced staff takes over all services on-site and in express time. We offer high quality service at the best market prices. To make the winter warmer and more comfortable we provide you with a large variety of slippers.

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