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Women's fashion


Featuring a modern design identity, Lynne store is the last entry in the company’s store list. Lynne clothing collections and store's design are inspired by the modern woman. Playing different roles on everyday life, women express their mood by their outfit choices. With a wide range of clothing, from everyday casual outfits to chic, classic or daring night out outfits, Lynne satisfies even the most demanding fashionistas. The distinctive flower-logo of the brand designed along the ceiling is the key element of the store's decoration that invites guests to explore Lynne collections up to the store's end. The "floral" ceiling refers to the floral motifs that feature over time to the design of women fabric for all seasons. The store's furniture and equipment look like a flexible scheme of white open and closed cubes whose numerous formations make the store's decoration change depending on the collection, the season and the special promotion demands.

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