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Jewellery & Watches


Li-LA-LO is a Greek jewellery Brand, with a dynamic 20-year presence defined by its commitment to elegance and high aesthetics.

Innovative at heart, Li-LA-LO uses 18K Gold, 925 Silver, precious and natural stones as its core materials to design timeless creations that satisfy every woman’s need for jewellery that can be worn daily, dressed up or down, ranging from simple to statement designs and engagement rings that together define a “new luxury”.

The Li-LA-LO woman is multi-dimensional and multi-talented. She successfully balances the many roles she takes on daily and embraces an outlook on life that expresses the 3 words that compose Li-LA-LO: Live-LAugh-LOve

In this context and on the occasion of its 20-year anniversary, Li-LA-LO launches a series of initiatives with a central motto “Make it Better”, aiming to increase awareness of small and bigger social issues and actions that can make our world better.

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