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KFC means crispy and tasty chicken! It’s all about chicken in KFC - the tastiest chicken worldwide – with real food and fast service, in a friendly and modern environment!
"In 1993, Colonel Harland Sanders created the original Kentucky recipe, presenting the secret blend of 11 herbs and spices and opened a small restaurant called 'Sanders'. It was there that he started cooking chicken with the famous recipe of 11 herbs and spices the same one that KFC restaurants still use. KFC chicken became so famous that the Governor of Kentucky awarded Harland Sanders the title of Colonel. Later, he decided to sell his recipe to other restaurants and gain 5 cents for each chicken they sold. He insisted on the chicken's quality, something that KFC restaurants still respect. In 1997, KFC's fame came to Greece, with the first restaurant to open in Glyfada, Athens. Today, KFC's delicious meals can be found in 7 restaurants in Attica, 1 in Thessaloniki and in 4 seasonal restaurants in Kerkyra, Zakinthos, Crete and Rhodes. "

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