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Founded in 1996, following the sole proprietorship of George Michailidis established in 1985 and aimed at leather goods design and production, KEM G. Michailidis S.A. is now known as KEM. Its initial turnover has been increased 200 times in ten years, while in 1992-1993 its sales have seen a 70% rise. Since 1991, KEM holds a leading position both in sales and profitability in the Greek market complying with international standards of production, management and structure. The combination of high quality manufacturing and raw materials, as well as the up-to-date design make KEM products stand out. KEM produces a range of collections of leather products in its own facilities, which are renewed 2-4 times per year, according to international fashion trends. KEM occupies approximately 100 employees. The store network consists of 45 KEM stores located in commercial areas of the Greek market. Twenty four of them are self-owned, while KEM products can be found in more than 300 selling points all over Greece.
The KEM store in THE MALL ATHENS shopping center is the biggest of all KEM stores. Painted in dark colours, it is defined by an avant-garde interior decoration with metal details. In KEM store you will find: • ΚΕΜ bags • ΚΕΜ shoes • ΚΕΜ wallets • ΚΕΜ accessories (belts, gloves, key rings)

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