The Mall Athens - Safety Shopping - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are masks mandatory in The Mall Athens?

According to the latest government measures to limit the spread of COVID-19, the use of a mask is now mandatory for all visitors and staff members, in public areas and inside the stores of The Mall Athens.

2. Can I find protective masks at The Mall Athens?

Guests must wear a protective mask themselves or obtain it from the stores of the mall. For more information regarding the stores, you may contact the Information Desk.

3. What about air conditioning in The Mall Athens?

Our air conditioning units operate with 100% fresh air supply, without recirculation.

4. What measures have you taken to protect visitors?

We have installed thermal cameras at all entrances and everyone, staff members and visitors, are thermometed before entering the mall. At the same time, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer are available in multiple locations within the center, while all public areas and toilets are constantly disinfected, with certified cleaning procedures. Finally, the distances are reverently observed and only visitors belonging to vulnerable groups enter the elevators.

5. Is the use of toilets safe?

For precautionary reasons, cleaning and disinfection of all common areas, surfaces and objects has been enhanced. We take care of the regular disinfection of the toilets every 15 minutes, with certified cleaning procedures for the protection of visitors and employees.

6. What applies to children? Should they wear masks?

The regulations apply to everyone without exception. The use of the mask is mandatory for everyone in public areas and inside the stores of the mall.

7. Are pets allowed in The Mall Athens now?

Pets are allowed in The Mall Athens as long as they have a leash and are accompanied by their owner

8. What will happen if there is a case in The Mall Athens?

In case of a case, the company has processed a current plan according to the competent authorities for its response to a case or possible case of the new virus at our facility.